Bright Start of Colorado

Preschool and Childcare


At Bright Start, our staff is dedicated to helping your child build the best foundation for their future. We focus on pre-academics as well as the social and physical growth of every child. We believe that children should be nurtured and supported in their early childhood educational experience so they may obtain confidence and pride outside the home. Using Developmentally Appropriate Practices we meet each child at their current level and help build their foundation from there. We practice positive modeling, encouraging reinforcement, and consistent classroom rules. Parents are an integral part of the learning process, and we will work as a team to meet the needs of your children. We look forward to learning with you, because great futures begin with a Bright Start!

Thankful for November!

We are excited to begin our season of thanks! It is fun to learn what our kids are thankful for and how they show appreciation. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you all how truly thankful we are that you have your children here with us!  They are a delight!

Ms. Jami and Ms. Debbie


In November we will focus on “Thankful” things.  We will talk about things that make us thankful and what it means to be thankful. Later in the month, we will be working together to create a special Thanksgiving Feast. Turkeys and other seasonal art will decorate the room. This month's letters will be G, H, I and J.  In math, we will focus on measuring and size comparison.




·      Parent/Teacher Conferences – November 7th-10th

·      Cornucopia Snack – November 16th

·      Thanksgiving Break – November 20th-24th

·      Vision Screening – November 29th and 30th  


Shared Snack

Our Thanksgiving celebration will be a group “Cornucopia” on the 16th.  We will all bring something in to help make this event special.  There will be a signup sheet for our special cornucopia snack.

Vision Screening via Lions Club

Wednesday, November 29th and Thursday, November 30th the Lions Club will be conducting a vision screening. Their machine tests for many vision related issues while just taking a picture of your child’s eyes. We are very thankful that they offer this service to our community!

Thanksgiving Break

There will not be regular preschool during the week of November 20th – 24th.  Bright Start will be open for child care November 20th – 22nd if you need, please let us know.  We hope that you enjoy this holiday with your families!

Looking Forward to December                                              

Holiday Party and Last Day of class December 21st


Before and After School Program

Delayed Start

November 8th -  6:30 -10:45am, LPES and PWES

School’s Out!

Please remember to bring a leak-proof, filled water bottle, snacks, a disposable lunch, and appropriate clothing as we will be heading out to local parks on any days that the weather agrees with us, as well as to the gym. Space is extremely limited so please register as soon as possible.

 November 6th -  Dart Wars! Please bring Nerf guns and protective eyewear. No darts please, we will supply all of the ammo.

November 20th - We will flex our science muscles with Rube Goldberg Day! There will be domino rallies, marble runs, and tons of zany inventions and projects to build and amaze everyone!

November 21st - We will be heading to Dave & Buster’s departing at 8:45 am and returning at 4:00 pm. $50 for this day only, price includes full lunch, $5 towards Ticket Games and Unlimited Regular Video Games. 

November 22nd - Funny Films Festival! Please bring blankets, stuffed animals, or even pajamas to enjoy some fun movies and popcorn of course!

November 23rd and 24th - CLOSED